Wiring Harness - Leads/Pig Tails for Options?

(RCielec) #1

Ahoy !
2002 S-type; 4.0L; N/A; Automatic
Yes, I have not put 10 miles on this recent acquisition yet, I am dreaming of sugar plum options. Is the wiring harness configured for all standard and optional equipment appropriate to it’s model year ? Example: Does my 2002 U.S.A. spec’d car have a harness to accept door mounted retractable, rear view mirrors ? (Not Avail. in North Amer. from what I’ve read).
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, U.S.A.

(motorcarman) #2

A CD changer wiring in the boot will be about it.

(RCielec) #3

Ugh. Not good news.
The car has a CD changer in the boot but, since I am not about to have passengers stuffed into the boot to work as DJ’s, this hints at relocating the changer to a more convenient location a serious problem.
All the best,
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro; U.S.A.