Wiring harness wrapping

I am cleaning up my engine compartment on my 1967 MKII.
The main wiring harness coming out on the firewall and wrapping around the left side looks really bad, Some brown in color, lots of grease, and very ragged in spots. I would like to take the old wrap off in place and re-wrap with new material. I shall pull it off the surface so I can get around the harness. .
Are there any suggestions as to what material to use other than electrical tape.
War Eagle

I have successfully used something that I think is called friction tape, available at a common hardware store like Ace or True Value… It is black and made of fabric. No adhesive on it but you can wrap it around the loom and at the end put a small black zip tie to keep it from unwinding. It is about as close as you can get to the look of the factory cloth harness cover.

My '38 SS saloon wiring is all wrapped in cloth friction tape with adhesive, near as I can tell it is all original and mostly holding up pretty well for 82 years. I bought a roll at Menards, repaired a bit at the rear where it was exposed to road and weather and that has held up fine.

Plenty of hits on google here’s one;

Thanks guys this is very helpful.
War Eagle aka David