Wiring loom for bonnet

Received new pack but full of loose cables, require a connection diagram for the lights and winkers on my Series 1 2+2 1966 4.1litre LHD. Any help most appreciated

I’ve been through this only once. Essential tools were a pair of good reading glasses and a set of colored pencils. Then tremendous patience…

Charlie you need to have a wiring diagram and patience


Classiccarwiring.com has 11" x17" laminated color wiring diagrams.
Jaguar XKE Series 1 4.2 Color Wiring Diagram – ClassicCarWiring

Very easy to read for us old folks

I know they are not the cheapest for wiring harnesses but when you purchase their harnesses, Rhode Island Wiring provides “fishbone” termination diagrams and a termination description spreadsheet which are absolutely delightful to work with. The factory wiring diagrams are a good start and having access to another car and/or good photos of your car before it got taken apart is helpful. But there are some strange interconnects between some of the harnesses that I would have struggled to figure out without the RIW documentation.