Wiring Otter switch backwards

What are the consequences of wiring an otter switch backwards on an S2? In other words, is a blown fuse the immediate outcome? I’ve been chasing a blown #6 fuse and discovered the otter switch is wired backwards. In other words the black/red wire goes to ground. Using a power probe I’ve confirmed that both the fans work and so do the brake lights.

Eastern Ontario

I would’t think it would matter.

It doesn’t matter. If it’s an early S2, all it would mean is that the radiator is grounded all the time. That’s not a good idea, but it’s not going to cause any immediate problems. On a very late S2, the switch is isolated, so it doesn’t matter at all.

I was blowing a #6 fuse and it turned out to be a wire (green I believe) that was being pinched and shorting out to ground.