Wiring route video

Today I stripped the engine bay of wires and fittings . Trying to fathom what went where . My old wiring had been chopped in places with wires ending in thin air . All the wires had lost their colour and become brittle . All the rubber bullet connectors looked like they had melted into a solid mass . I will have fun trying to fit the new one .
I have done a video mainly for my benefit of what I took out . DO NOT WATCH IT , it is just me rattling on and would only be of use to someone in a worse position than me . You have been warned, it’s boring ! You can only access it from this link and not on my channel .

LOL. Your description make it almost sound like Click-Bait! " You won’t believe what happens in this SHOCKING video! "
Guaranteed everyone will now watch thanks to your warnings not to! :grinning:

I never disconnect electrical components when stripping a car - always cut through all wires a few inches back from the component. This way a fragment of wire is kept in the right position, and it’s always possible to identify a small scrap of colour or something else that helps later. You shouldn’t have too much trouble rewiring. These are extremely simple cars with Lucas harnesses, so all the colours are standard colours for the entire British motor industry and very straightforward. Not like my sixties Mustang, whose factory loom has colour codes that change all the time. Black wires underbonnet are usually earths, whereas the ones to the taillamps are the live feeds… bizarre… The trickiest bit with the XK is the actual wire runs and which holes etc. they go through. The big bonus here is that Viart’s book actually documents all this, in full colour diagrams. What an incredible piece of work it is!