Wiring to trafficators mk iv

About to wire up the trafficators that have not been connected (mk iv saloon) and no old wiring to give hint
Wiring to go outside cab and then back in from chassis or remain inside cab running on floor and up pillar or into roof lining and down to pillar?

On my '38 there is a six terminal junction box in the boot on the left. The wiring to the trafficators and interior lights comes from that, up to the left upper corner in the boot, then splits and goes forward to the left light and trf, and over to the right above the boot opening to the right light and trf.
So it has to be above the rear doors and down the center pillars to the trf’s.

The original wiring on my right hand drive 1948 mk iv goes from behind the dashboard at each side left and right, up the front window pillars, along and behind the roof lining, then drops down each centre door pillar to the traffic actors, then continues on the the rear internal lights.

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David’s routing is what’s on my RHD MK V


Just to clarify - my 1948 mk iv left the factory in December and according to Jaguar Heritage records was the next to last RHD 1.5 litre car built. My car shares a few features of the MK V but I’m sure the wiring loom is correct for the MK IV (I bought a standard new wiring loom designated for a 1948 mk iv and that’s where it rethreaded, with no connector blocks found to the rear).

Speaking of connector blocks, I’ve contacted two companies about a new harness and neither have any of the connector blocks. Anybody here know of a source or are we on our own to build them?

Hi Wayne, it would help to know what country you are in so as to refine recommendations. Posters may put country affiliation in their profile.

For connector blocks, you might wish to contact Cordell Newby in Washington state in the US. If you want his phone number, send me a private message if you don’t find it posted elsewhere. Cordell has reduced his Western Jaguar internet presence but still is in business.

If you wish a UK supplier, Holden Vintage & Classic list connector blocks (8 pair in and out)

and Holden list double five-way bullet connectors

and also

All these may also be found by going to the Holden main page
and selecting the Electrical tab followed by the Connector tab following the Wiring header.

Worcester Classic Spares also list connector blocks in the downloadable Mark V Parts List.

Holden has the ones that are on my car. Mine have melted into a blob!
Thanks, I’ll give them a go.