Witch Brake servo

Any one have experience with either one of these servos. Big difference in price.
I need a servo or rebuilt and res leaved, looking for options.
Thanks Benny

send it out. You know the one you have actually fits the car cause, it’s in there.

I bought the more expensive (Lockheed) one October 2022. Back then it was $442, so it’s up 20% in price since then. It’s installed and has done 2500 miles or so without problems so far.

Witch Brake servo

Must have had a bad servo…

Sorry- couldn’t resist.


Those new fangled Nimbus 2000s…

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I knew someone would chime in.

These servos are so witchy look what was in my vacuum reservoir.

I bought the replacement 4 years ago works fine. The lockheeds weren’t available at the time. Just installed one on the 68 I’m doing now.