Wondering why “topic updates” for XJS don’t update?

(pknellie (aka Trev)) #1

I have noted for some time that the forums summary that are emailed don’t appear to update the “ topic update” section. E.g. “…stuck in first”

(Andrew Waugh) #2

In the case of Stuck in first gear topic it would be because nobody has posted to that topic since September 2017.

(pknellie (aka Trev)) #3

I was hoping to do this off blog Andrew but now we are here… it may be my ignorance but I find it a waste of space to send the same out dated posts every time. Why not in “topic updates” list the most recent updates? I have noted in the past that some current topics simply drop off that emailed page and the old ones remain repeatedly… “stuck in first gear” hasn’t been replied since 2017.
While I have you there, or here as is the case, I have tried to donate recently but on clicking “PayPal-click to donate” I’m taken to a Paypal sign in page where the is no reference to Jag lovers donate. If I remember rightly, last year, I was taken to a payment page… have I got this process wrong or has there been a change?