Won't turn over door ajar stuck in park

everything was fine until…

  1. battery is over 12 volts
  2. engine won’t turn over
  3. shifter locked in Park
  4. door ajar indicator is on, won’t go off
  5. bad light bulb indicator lit
  6. +12.4 volts to fuse box lug under hood at RF.
  7. can’t set alarm by key fob, just one beep
  8. can’t reset door locks by key fob, just one beep
    9 plugged scanner in and no 12 volts to plugin unit.

it is fixed. After checking all portions of the bonnet and engine compartment, I could find no evidence of a bonnet switch on this American spec 1995 X300 sedan.
The puddle lights weren’t working. It was locked in Park. Couldn’t get the door ajar warning to go out. Couldn’t get my scanner to recognize an engine (with ignition on). Headlight would not come on with ignition on and light switch on. Couldn’t get door locks to cycle with the key fob. And most importantly, couldn’t get the starter to turn over despite 12.4 volts on the battery circuit at the engine bay fuse box. Another odd ocurrence was a lite bulb fault (circle with square at top and a diagonal).

I liberally sprayed WD40 into to all the door mechanisms and on the striker plates then cycled all of the doors several times.

WALA… everything works as it should. The puddle lights, the door ajar warning is gone, the door locks cycle via the key fob, and the bulb fault is gone. If anyone can explain why a sticky door lock switch can totally immobilize the X300, please explain it to me. Everything works so well right now it seems like it was just a nightmare. which it truly was at the time.


I’m sure you meant “Voila”.

I’m glad you got her fixed.

Eagleman, from your story without the details…
You put your KEY in the key hole and turned the key correct?
If so that bypassed the hand held key fob which is either stuck or the battery in the fob is low.
By opening it with the key it bypassed.
You were in a lock out if you go on line with the alarm.
Also if you hold the key too long in the key hole it will do the same only giving you 30 seconds or so to reopen.
If all is good now, put new batteries in your key fobs…
Good luck