Wood grain interior restoration

(Russell Neuendorf) #1

I am looking for suggestions on refinishing the wood on my MK2.
The veneer is in great condition no cracking or delaminating.
So what is the best refinish technique?
French polish
Spray lacquer
Brush lacquer
As usual there seems to be a huge variety of thoughts.

(Michael Rogers) #2

FIRST of all–don’t aggressively sand it and destroy the paper thin Vernier!! I did my MK-VIII using Verathane, it came out beautifully! and was still that way 30 years later!~

(The Jag Man) #3

Check with Saul:


I had great results with micro sanding with VERY fine sand paper and multiple layers of Varathane also.

(Andrew Waugh) #4

I use hardwood floor stripper, hand sand with 220 or higher, then spray a poly marine varnish, then rub back down with 1500 and pumice, and polish back (I don’t like the high shine the marine varnish gives, so I take it down just a bit).

Re-veneering is doable with a vacuum press, but if you’re just laying in a patch or fixing a bubble you can make do with clamps and felt pads.

(Russell Neuendorf) #5

Thanks Andrew

  This is the process I used recently when I re veneered my TR6

dash in American Oak, it ended up with a slight mat finish that
suited the wood and biscuit color interior.