Wood restoration recommendations- South UK

The woodwork in my Mk2 is generally very good, particularly the dash area, but the door caps, c pillar hockey stick section and the dash top have a few cracks which just detract from the overall finish.

I’ve been trying to find a local company to help, but to no real avail. I’m based in North Hampshire, and wonder if anyone has any recommendations Hants, Wilts, Dorset who may be able to help. I’ve seen references to somewhere in Langport on another forum but drawn a blank. There was also somewhere in the New Forest on one of the motoring programmes, but again, I can’t reach them down. Can anyone recommend anywhere? Thanks in advance.

Maybe these guys?

Hi Brian
Whilst it’s not particularly local to N Hants, Classical Dash just north of High Wycombe in S Bucks (http://classical-dash.co.uk/) might be worth a look if you can’t find anyone closer. I’ve not used them myself but did visit their workshop some years ago and they had some very shiny Jaguar woodwork in work at the time.

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Thanks Armstrong. That’s not too far, so certainly one to consider.

Brian, I have used one of the providers mentioned. Prefer to send a private message but can’t work out how to do this.


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