Wood veneering 420G

Has anyone attempted to do veneering? I have to reveneer all the wood of the 420G and doing some reading on this subject I realise that I need to know what type of veneer to order as well as thickness and whether it must have paper backing or not. I know I want burl walnut, but for the rest, including how much I need, I really need your advise please.

yes I have done 420G veneering and repairs

its difficult and skilled work

the hardest part is that to do it properly requires a full set of matching veneer that is long enough to do dash cantrail, upper rails etc, and 420G had a very high quality honey colored burr veneer.

Its very hard to obtain this, most burr walnut veneer is much darker, which is a mismatch to any remaining.

The actual veneer is not very expensive, only $100-200

There is a company in England that quotes ~2k GBP for a 420G…its 2nd most expensive vehicle

I have pics of what is described as the “worlds best 420G”…it has been re-veneered with an unusual sort of veneer

the 420G (but more so the MKX) also has “straight grain walnut veneer”

here is a pic of my cantrail, with re-veneered face, and new straight grain veneer

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If you search the forum you’ll find a write up of how I did veneering on my Mk2 using vacuum veneering. Yes, was complex, but results were worth it.