Woodwork restoration or supply?

(Roger King) #1

I’ve seen much mention of Nick Reeves for XK dashboard pieces. I can’t find him anywhere on the web - no ebay site, no website. Does anyone know if he is still working? If so, how can I contact him or get an idea of prices and options available?

(Bob K.) #2


He is on eBay UK under the name ner0809 . Example: see this link

I guess the best thing to do at present is to contact him via eBay. To prevent any problems: I’ve no business interest at all in providing this. Just want to help you.

Bob K.

(Jim XK140 FHC) #3

I was in touch with him a few months ago , still waiting for pictures so I hope you are not in a rush ?

(Roger King) #4

Thanks chaps. Not in a rush at present, but timing could become an issue later. Are there other sources for woodwork? I’m a bit concerned as I had thought timber dash parts needed to be trimmed to suit each car individually before veneering, so how does that work?

(Phil.Dobson) #5

google nick martin here in the uk. stunning workmanship. but you don’t need to be in a hurry!

(Chris Lackner) #6

I was very pleased with the new wood instrument panel from Nick Reeves. Some holes just needed to be “eased” a bit. He also made my new floor boards and boot floor boards.

(john newton) #7

Forrest Vogues ph USA 4137360463 British Spares Exchange could be worth a call.Have only seen his ad.

(Roger King) #8

Thanks, much easier for me to stick with the UK suppliers, though.