Worcester spares

(big4) #1

are user of this site aware of the situation at worcester spares big4 peter shurven

(Peter Scott) #2

Goodness! Very sad.


(DaveXK) #3

Rich Foster and I were in England in September and visited Simon. He insisted on serving us tea, and touring his parts cars. He was a great guy.
Dave Wathen.

(Rob Reilly) #4

Thank you for telling us about this.

(Ed Nantes) #5

We had dealt with him , and before that his father Michael, for many years. Both lovely people…
It’s especially sad when this happens to people that are young.

(Pekka T.) #6


Oh, no! I wasn’t. Can’t make it to the funeral I guess, but I am sure we will remember him for a long time, he was so helpful and knowledgeable about the big old Saloons, and great help in my MKV DHC project as well as a few other big Saloons in Finland.

I knew last year he had an operation, but did not know of course how serious it was. Last I saw him was in March at Stoneleigh. :frowning:

Thank you for posting this.

(Ron Laurie) #7

Sad news indeed, Simon was a true gentleman.

(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #8

Hi Dave,
How is Rich doing? Back when you guys were part of the original Indiana Jag club we attended their Concours, probably 85 or 86 with the first Jag that my son and I had restored. Rich was one of our judge’s and it was obvious to him that I was new to Jags and the Concours “game” and after he finished judging my car he said if I liked he’d come back when judging was finished and go over the complete car me, which he did. I’ve never forgotten that and over the next 25 or so years I did the same for numerous “newbees”.

(DaveXK) #9

Hi Bob. Rich is doing well. Getting older as we all are… When we visited Simon we were in England doing a deal on a 1903 Darracq to drive in the London to Brighton Run. We did this event on Nov 4 successfully. 7 hours to go 60 miles. No breakdowns although we couldn’t stop a water leak, and we over did the drip oil feed and fouled the spark plug a few times. But all of us Jaguar types know full well how to change a plug on a hot engine… Dave

(Graham Jordan) #10

Sorry to hear about Simon.
I always received good service from him.

(tonyj) #11

Very sad news indeed. Simon was always an absolute gentleman to deal with.