Working on car again

Have returned to working on our 1952 FHC. Two questions. Is there any sort of trim that covers the body flange that arches over the window frames to the outside of the car? Picture below. The wooden trim piece is on the other sides of the flange. The headliner wraps around this flange towards the outside. Second question. Would some one tell us where the two pieces of rubber shown in cross section are located. Lastly, anybody willing to share detailed pictures of the door opening looking into the car and the trim inside and out that the window glass moves between?

you might find what you’re looking for here> Upholstery for Jaguar XK 120 FHC | BAS Jaguar Trim


Assuming there’s not much difference between the XK 140 FHC and your XK 120 FHC, see my notes I made many years ago.

There is a rubber glued to the outside and this rubber also hides the screws that are there to hold the hardwood on the inside. The rubber is the lower version on your picture.

Don’t remember what the top rubber is but possibly for the boot/trunk.

Bob K.

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Bob, thank you. Your illustration answered two questions at once. Tom, thanks, also. There was one photo of the FHC from the outside that will help with details. Just one piece of mystery rubber left.

I can’t answer your query, Lewis, but your thread title made me smile … having found myself “working on the car again” several times over the 30 years it took me to get the thing back on the road … looks like you’re getting close.

I wish it has been “only” 30 years but we are going on 47. If anyone knows of a 120 FHC in VA NC TN SC that we could visit, it would be a huge help.