Worn Spring Insulator or Shock Mount?


Hi Guys,

This is my first post on the S-Type forum, although I am always posting on the XJS and X-300 forums for my own cars. I have a friend who has a 2000 S-Type that has an issue and so I’m asking for her.

The problem she’s having with her Jag is the same type I have had before on all my Jags, whether an XJ40, X-300, XJS or XJ8 – namely, front upper shock bushings (typically the yellow foam crap Bilsteins) gone bad … However, looking at a diagram of the front suspension for the S-Type on the Classic parts website, it looks like the setup for that type of Jag is quite different from that of the others mentioned. Specifically, I don’t particularly see anything analogous to the upper shock bushing that would go bad over time, resulting in a loud, metallic “clunk” whenever the wheel travels over potholes, road bumps, etc. :confused: So, looking at the S-Type setup, I suspect what may possible be wrong with my friend’s Jag is either a bad “spring insulator” disc or a bad “shock mount” for both front wheels (or both). It doesn’t help in that I don’t know what material either part is made of (e.g. metal, rubber, etc.), since I am only going by the drawing and photos of those items for sale on Ebay.

Do either of these parts have a reputation for going bad over time, resulting in the issue my friend’s Jag is experiencing?

Thanks for your help.

(Eric Capron) #2

Your first port of call for knocking noises coming from the front suspension is the ARB droplink(s). They are inexpensive and fortunately, very easy to replace.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #3


There are diagrams of components and Part Numbers here at Jaguar Classic Parts:


(Rob Reilly) #4

Possibilities in order of difficulty, easiest to hardest. I’ve been through all these.
Front anti-roll bar link.

Rear anti-roll bar link.

rear lateral locating link

front shock

rear shock

ball joint

They also sell ball joints already installed in the knuckle. I found out why…


Good info., and thanks. I’ve only been able to find rear ARB links, though, for sale (Ebay). Does anyone have a source for the front ones?

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #6

You will need to check the Part Number against the VIN as there are many variations:


(Rob Reilly) #7

My favorite source for S-Type parts is www.rockauto.com
All the parts in my pix came from them.
Some parts are the same as for Lincoln LS and Thunderbird.


Yep, looks like Jag changed the design of the ARB links (five?) times during the life of the S-types … wow - that has to be a record, even for Jag! :crazy_face:

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #9

Seems like it was a joint design by Ford and Jaguar, it it probably evolved by Committee.