Wrong set of triple SU’s on eBay

Hi all
Just a heads-up there is a incorrectly labeled set of SU’s for sale on eBay, and I know some of our members are interested in making this change. The set offered is NOT for an e-type, but rather a MK10 sedan.
I have sent a note to the seller explaining that, and we will see if he changes the ad. Here’s what I sent him:

“Hi. Unfortunately this set is from a MK10 sedan, and not an e type. The necks of the carbs are too tall, and the manifold is not angled down. Also this has a auxiliary starting carburetor, where an e type set has choke levers on the bottom of each carb. In short they won’t fit, as they will be several inches too tall, and they can’t be connected.
I’m sure you didn’t intend to mislead but it would be terrible for someone to spend that kind of money only to find they are not correct.”

Hopefully he’ll revise the ad, but just in case, a warning to fellow members here.

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He heeded your advice. Now listed for Mk10.

Mount flanges on all three carbs have been butchered. No bien.

So what’s the going price for a real rebuildable 3:8 E-Type set these days?

Seen them go for in excess of $3500.

E-Type never had the starting choke (enricher).