WTB MKVII LHD front passenger seat

As it says in the heading. I have a non-original front passenger seat in my '53 MKVII and this will not do. Anybody have one, even just the frame? I’m in Washington state, email is ‘coastie40@yahoo.com’.
Also looking for the padded dash surround for a 420, not the dash itself.

I have some Mk7 front seats but I’m in S.C. These are not the bench seat used in the auto cars. Also have some Reutter ( later, Recaro ) reclining front seats (MK8/9 option) but they would be expensive. In each case the whole seat is there but would require full recovering. I hope you find one locally.

Not terribly local but you might try Jaguar Heaven, in Stockton, California who maintain a large Jaguar recycling yard.