WTB: XJ6 Series 1 Sun Visors (non poofy)

(Include at least one picture)

Description: WTB Non Poofy XJ6 Visors

Location: Milwaukeeish

Contact information: reply here please!

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@Robert_Laughton … anything in your magic pile?

I had a look, and all mine are poofy too.
There was a member here that fixed his own; maybe cut it open and filled it, then closed it up - I forget.
Good luck,

You are not going to find any sun visors that are not “poofy”. They all get that way when the foam inside breaks down.
Several years ago I got fed up with the poofy sun visors. I always felt that Jaguar skimped on the sun visors when they selected the inexpensive vinyl foam filled design, so I took a set of my poofy vinyl Series III sun visor in to a local upholstery shop and had them disassemble and rebuild them with new foam covered with black leather. They are shown in the two attached pictures in my 1990 V12 Vanden Plas.

They still look great after several years and the leather feels wonderful and luxurious every time that I use them. This is one of several modifications that I have made to my Series III XJ6s and XJ12 that I am really glad that I made.