WTB: XJ6 Series III bits and pieces

Searching for a few items. I got quite a bit through David Boger and some things from eBay, but still on the

For a 1987 XJ6 in Talisman Silver exterior (MDF) and Savile Grey interior (LDY)

Floor mats. The over mats, not the base carpet. With the “JAGUAR” in the carpet.

C-pillar interior trim panel. Non-VDP

Jack set, trying to upgrade the condition, so I’m really only looking for mint condition.

B-pillar interior lamp lenses

Console switch backing plate. Nicer than this:

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Would XJS interior lamp fixtures be the same?
If you think they might work, give me a call @650-455-1110
I’ll take some pics to send you.
My computer is wonky so I don’t rely on it for anything.

Steve, Jay,
I believe that the Series III XJ6 and XJ12 B pillar interior lamps are very different from anything Jaguar used in the XJ-S/XJS. Attached are pictures of them in my former 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas. The left side and right side B pillar lamps are different and mirror images of each other.

The lenses came with either a Doeskin bezel (JLM572, JLM573) or Black bezel (JLM554, JLM555) depending on the interior trim.

All the lamps and lenses in my three Series III XJ6 parts cars were cracked and fragile, and they crumbled in my hands when I removed them. They are difficult to find, and I suspect a good option for an enterprising aftermarket supplier since many of the ones that I have seen over the years are in need of replacement.


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Thanks for the info Paul. And thanks for the offer Steve.

Here’s my driver’s side, the worse of the two. I guess it’s not in too bad of shape considering Paul’s observations.