WTB XK-120 steel disk wheel

Greetings everyone. I am in need of one steel disc wheel for an XK-120. There must be some floating around left over from all the folks that converted to wires. Thanks in advance. Ron Hetherington, Denver Co

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I don’t have any extras, but you may want to specify which type of disc wheel you’re looking for. Early '120s up until sometime in '52 took the 5" width rims. Subsequent rims were 5 1/2" in width. Ebay usually has any number of them but you’ll want to message the seller first as to which type they are.

Thank you for the advice Chris. Good suggestion. The wheel will be used as the spare on a late XK-120. The car is running on 7” Dunlop replicas. I would prefer to have a 5” wheel but a 5.5” will work as well. I appreciate your advice.

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Nice car, nicely displayed.

If you ONLY want one for a spare, there’s a 16x4 on eBay right now. Physically located in Florida.

Thank you Mike. Unfortunately the seller will not ship the wheel. It would otherwise be quiet suitable for my purpose.

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Well that’s goofy! Why advertise it on a global platform if you won’t ship it? I’ve bought and sold bunches of wheels on eBay. Only 4nof them were close enough to drive and pick up.

Measure your spare tire tray. If you are sure you can fit a 5-1/2" wide wheel in there, you can have this one for $50 plus whatever it costs to ship it from Louisville, KY. Note that someone drilled ventilation holes in it, not too dissimilar to the wheels on your car. Hub and lugs are not included.