WTB - XK120 heater components

I received my XK120 OTS with the entire heating system removed from the car, therefore, I am looking to purchase any or all of the heater components. I understand that some of the components are available as aftermarket pieces (heater core, fan motor, control valve) but if I can find used functional OE parts that would be great. Also, many parts are not reproduced, such as the core and fan shrouding, mount sheet metal, etc.
So if any one has a cache of XK120 parts, or extra heater parts that you are willing to sell I am willing and able to pay.
If you know of any workable British car application that crosses over to the 120 that information would be helpful also. As you can imagine I am up against a challenge and any help is appreciated. Thank you

Location: Arvada, CO

Contact information: Dave Detra, tobeto87@yahoo.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): will pay

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You might want to inquire about this one currently offered by Welsh.


A little pricey, but it’s all there.

There was also a recent thread in which similar Smiths heaters fitted to other cars was discussed, here

Thank you Nick, I will contact Welsh and ask about the unit they are offering, I want to ask about the condition, working motor and leak free core?

For that price I would expect a tested and functional assembly in need of a refresh. The heater matrix is kind of wild card.

There is also this concern, about which Ive heard good stuff.