X-300 airconditioning control unit bulbs

Good evening x-300 owners! Does anyone out there know how many bulbs there are in the dashboard a/c control unit on a '95 X300? I am having a new hifi fitted in a few weeks and as a couple of lamps on the a/c unit are out (one (?) behind the A/c and Auto switches and one behind the temperature display) and want to take the opportunity of the experts removing the ski ramp for the hifi installation to change all the bulbs - it would be more than annoying just to change the failed ones only for another one to go shortly thereafter. I have the part number for the bulbs (JLM20309, green), I just need to know how many to order.

Thanks in adavance for any guidance. Cheers.

Jon Williams

I don’t know if the helps:


On the x308 the LCD has 2 bulbs behind it. These are in brown holders IIRC.
Often it can be the contacts that are the issue rather than the bulb failed

Neil, Andy,

Thanks for your prompt responses, they are much appreciated. I have checked the diagramme at Jag Classic Parts but unfortunately it does not show how many bulbs are needed. There are certainly more than two on the X300 because two have gone and the rest of the panel is still illuminated. A very helpful guy at S N G Barrett didn’t know either. So I have gone ahead and ordered six bulbs and will replace all or as many as possible when the unit comes out in a couple of weeks. I can then post the definitive answer to close this thread.

Thanks again for your kind assistance.

Jon Williams

I KNEW I had this somewhere!

I can’t give credit to the compiler of the list, but he was/is an active member of J-L.
Many thanks!

When I said 2 bulbs. This was for the LCD ONLY. The Display which says, 20°C is LCD.
I think every button has its own bulb from memeory.

The LCD display and red and blue button bulbs being a different type to others from memory.