X-305 (V-8) Engine Swap Into an X-300?

Was wondering if that might be possible. The reverend lady that I sold Scrapper to a few years ago is still dealing with a seized engine, after it sat for over 2 years w/o being started. I know a friend who has an XJ8 who is needing $$ and wanting to sell it very badly (and cheap), so it crossed my mind whether the engine swap would be possible. Main problems I would think of ,right off the bat, though, include:

1- Space in engine compartment. I would think the V-8 would take up more space than the inline-6 (AJ16) of the X-300. Even if not, the mountings would be different.

2- Transmission mate-up issues. The X-300 uses the old ZF (Bosch?) auto. transmission and the XJ8 uses the electronic trans (made by ?).

3- The usual differences in connectors, etc.

Anyone know about this? :thinking:

The reason why the x308 came was for the v8
Different subframes and all
Anything is possible but don’t kill yourself
You can buy a beater 308 for peanuts and you can buy a great 300 for small amounts

The straight 6 4.0 in the x300 is such a good engine I personally wouldn’t consider the hassle of trying to put a v8 in. The electrics alone would be a hassle not to mention the dashboard gauges. The transmission talks to the engine so you’d be best transplanting engine and transmission together if it would fit. Both are zf gearboxes i think but different models if the xj8 is like the xk8. Not sure about xjr but the early model xkr had a mercedes box in. Unless you like a big challenge and are prepared to put a lot of hours in, i’d hunt down another x300 engine.

One of the greats! x300 all the way!