X 350 Inner Headlights, Upper Bulb Replacement

My 2005 XJ8L has has 4 headlights ( HL ), and the 2 inner ones have a lower and upper bulb. The lower bulb is described in the cars hand book, and I have replaced that bulb a couple of times. However, there is NO explanation of how to replace the upper bulb.It is tucked up beneath the roof so tightly it is impossible to get at it let alone see it from the back. I wondered if the whole HL assembly needs to be removed to do this job.Has anyone else run into this problem!!??

Looking at a picture on ebay, there appears to be an access hatch in the middle.
Don’t know what is behind there?

Hi Andy, There is indeed a circular hatch on the rear that gives you access to the lampt chamber.That is where the I was able to replace he the lower Bulb ( H7 ). However the access hatch does not seem to provide suficient access and visibility to replace the upper bulb!!

Older jags have a stalk. You twist it a quarter turn and then withdraw the bulb and holder.

Owners manuals are excellent and telling you how with pictures.