X-type 2.0 diesel 2006 or 2007

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Dear Sir and Madam,

Good afternoon.

I am planning to buy second hand a jaguar x-type 2.0 2OO6 or 2OO7.

As i dont have any idea about this car, for which kind of things about the car i must be careful at first glance?

Is it possible to inform me about this car?

Thanks in advance


(Grahame Loader) #2

Welcome to Jag-Lovers Tayfun. I don’t have any knowledge of the diesel engine (hopefully others will jump in), but, when I was looking for an X Type, I was told that a common problem was the missing cooling scoop for the transfer case. It is easily left off after a servicing and can lead to the transfer case overheating and failing. I’ve had two X Types, the present is a station wagon, and I’ve enjoyed both of them. The AWD is great in ice and snow.

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I’m sorry no one responded; there is an article in the Jan 2019 Jaguar Monthly on the X Type that might be handy for you.

(carsoncitysmith) #4

I bought a 2006 X type two years ago, cheap, with 175k miles, it has been running great ever since.
Petrol engine, sorry, I don’t know anything about the diesels, I have never heard anything bad about them.
I came over the Sierras yesterday in real heavy snow, cars and trucks slithering everywhere, we were fine with AWD and snow tires.

(Grahame Loader) #5

I echo that. I’ve had good service with my X Types in winter. First my 02 sedan and now my 04 wagon. Both made excellent ski cars.

(tayfun fakiroglu ) #6

Hello Everybody.
I thank you for your kind replies.
I bought a x type 2.0 diesel 2006 today.
I could not find wiper Water tank so that ı can fill in water inside
Windscreen wiper tank where is it near the motor?

(Grahame Loader) #7

I have a 3.0 l gas engine, so the tank may be in a different position from yours, but on mine, the washer bottle is on the right hand wall (looking forward) of the engine bay, near the front. The top is blue with a symbol for a windshield wiper. Hope this helps.

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Thank you ı have also found a Web site which indicates some points regarding to Jaguar kind regards

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If you don’t mind me asking, which country are you in?

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Im from istanbul Turkey

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Welcome to Jag Lovers. There is a very interesting transportation museum in Istanbul, that I’d love to see someday. Of course, that is also along with all the Byzantine and Oriental art and architecture there.

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Thanks. What is the best brand to polish xtype Jaguar?

(tayfun fakiroglu ) #13

I attached the photo about the problem in my car.
What is A 801.6 upper the total km?
Thanks for your assitance
Kind regards

(tayfun fakiroglu ) #14

What is the yellow symbol on the left too?

Thank you

(Robin O'Connor) #15

A is the trip meter which can be reset.
On the left I think that is a snow flake indicator?

(Grahame Loader) #16

The trip computer has two memories; these can be switched between A (which is showing) and B by a switch on the dash. You can cycle through the readings for each memory by pressing on the tip of the left stalk. Each memory can be reset to zero by pushing and holding a button on the dash. I reset memory A each time I fuel up; noting the mileage I got for that tank. I use memory B to see the mileage I got on long trips or over multiple refuelings. Sitting at my computer and not being able to look at the dash on my car, it is hard to describe the control switches for the trip computer, but there is a button, marked with ooo, that, when pressed and held, resets whichever memory, A or B, is showing; there is a button that switches between A and B; there is a button that switches between KM and Miles and there is a button that clears the display and reverts to the odometer display.

I don’t know what the orange display is as I’ve never seen it on my car and I live in lots of snow and cold. It looks like either a WW I rotary engine or a Hopi Indian design. It may be unique to the diesel. I will try looking in my owner’s manual when I’m out in the car.

Hope this helps. I use the trip computer lots.

(Grahame Loader) #17

Robin is right. the orange symbol is a snowflake indicating freezing conditions. If your car is like my 02, you might try hitting the reset button (see below) to get rid of it.

About the trip computer; if your dash is like mine, the control buttons are on the side panel under the headlight switch. Left to right is the button for switching from A to B, the reset button and the button for switching from Km to Miles and back.

When the Trip button (on the end of the left stalk) is pressed, you may cycle through the readings for either the A or B channel of the trip computer. When one channel is selected, pressing the A/B button selects the other channel. If you press and release the reset button, the display reverts back to the odometer. If you press and hold the reset button when one channel is displayed, that channel will be reset. When the display is just showing the odometer reading the buttons are not active.

If you have any other questions I’d be happy to answer them.

(ronbros) #18

HI tayfun, the Xtype diesel engine was made BY Ford, Called DURATORQ ZSD 420.
2.0L , produced at Ford Dagenham London england!

check out WIKIPEDIA.com , Ford diesel engines .

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Thanks to all for your kind replies.

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I would like to polish my car. I found a video of britemax on YouTube. They use britemax aio max 473. İs this good? Or do you suggest other brands? As ı live in istanbul, ı dont know how to find good brand would like to use a good material which is suitable for my car thanks