X type 2.1 v 6 petrol

Starting problems intermediate ? Once started no problems BUT then wont start ? Help please :frowning:

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Hi Paul. Welcome to Jag Lovers. I own an 04 Wagon and before that owned an 02 Sedan. Great cars; I loved both of them.

You will have to be more specific about the problem before we can suggest areas to look at. Does it not turn over; does the starter spin but not engage; does it turn over but not fire?


Hi Grahame, starts after a couple of turns as normal , then again will not start, leave for awhile, then will start ,but sometimes wont start , been getting worse lately ,hit and miss runs like a new car after starting ,then after stood for awhile ,(shoping ext) will play up again ,to start, hit and miss Again turns over fine but wont start

Is this what is happening; starts and runs when it is cold, starts and runs when it is hot, ei, after stopping to get a pop or fill up, won’t start when it has run and then sat for a while, starts and runs after sitting longer?

If that is the scenario, then the problem may be in the high pressure fuel check valve. The check valve prevents the fuel pressure from bleeding off when the engine is hot after shut down. I’m not a mechanic, so I can’t tell you how to fix it, or what the set up is in Jaguars, but have run into this situation before with other fuel injected cars. Hopefully, other listers on this site can provide more information.

Where are you located. This may help getting you connected to help.

Iam in Coventry, its hard to exsplain ,it plays up starting, if has a long run, then it normaly starts ,if left for a day or two ,then i have trouble starting, ive been away for a week and now it wont srart ! The longer i leave the car, the harder it is to start, have to jump start then it starts after a few turns ! It seams to need that exstra charge to start it ! Summer time not so bad , it sounds like my battarie is not up to scratch BUT i think its something else ?

Get your battery load tested. Because of all the electronics in modern cars, tired batteries can produce crazy problems.

Also, join the AMA (Alberta Motor Association) or equivalent in your neck of the woods. They could do a battery check for you.

Ok Grahame will do, thanks for your imfo, fingers crossed :slight_smile: mechnic coming to look this friday regards PG

Let us know how things work out. It’s useful info for other members if they have something similar pop up. Good luck.

After three mechnic,s and many check,s the batarrie, wasent doing its job !!! It causes many Strange things to happen, (the battarie wasent that old) SO new Battarie started first time !!! And started this morning :slight_smile: FINGERS crossed . So get your Battarie checked and make sure its tip top The Jaguar,s brian has to have the right amount of power and your alltanator checked to :slight_smile:

Glad that helped. Come over to the Pub and chat with other members.

My issue is first time start sluggish and no power on pull away after 2-3 minutes it’s fine no problems for rest of day. Had full service and changed fuel filter and spark plugs and a sensor bank 2 code problem. Any suggestions