X-Type 2005 Engine Problems HELP

Hello All. Please help!

I have a Jag X-Type (2005; 2.5Litre Petrol). I bought this for my partner as a run around… Beautiful car; but unfortunately the radiator blew and we had to have this replaced… When we collected the car; the engine was giving out an awful noise. I initially thought this was a water pump; but the noise is on the opposite side of the engine. The water pump was also replaced recently; so I have decided its not likely to be the issue. It sounds like a bearing has perhaps gone bad; to the left side of the engine? Does anyone have any suggestions on the noise, and where it may be coming from? I have done a YouTube Video of the engine which can be viewed here:

I thank you all so much for helping!


Welcome to Jag Lovers, Liam. My first step would be to take it back to the shop and ask them what they did. If it went in noise free and came back noisy, then they are the likely suspects. I couldn’t tell from the video; but is it a rotary noise, a rattle or a scraping sound? What happens when you cycle on and off the A/C? What happens when you rev the engine?