X Type 3.0 V6 S Engine cover plate

Hi, I am new to this forum and wondered if anyone knows where I could get an engine cover plate for my beloved old 3.0S X Type, as a certain Spanish Jaguar garage did not put it back after working on it and could not locate it when I found out, and of course denied all knowledge of its disappearance!

My information is that you may want to leave it off. My mechanic informed me that the cover causes problems by retaining heat. As a practice he always removes them on X Types. The tight engine bay is hot already and making it hotter can damage the cats and coils.

What you need to make sure is still in place is the cooling air scoop for the trany and transfer case.

Hi Grahame, many thanks for your feedback. I have owned this car for over 10 years but have never heard that before so it is interesting. Strangely enough I have had a few cooling issues in recent years, having changed the thermostat, water pump, the header tank and some pipework, so just wondering now whether the cover plate may have potentially added to some of those issues. Its only really that I am thinking of selling the car now and felt that potential buyers may question the missing cover plate, now I have a good answer!

My mechanic is an independent, factory trained, Jag mechanic and he makes an issue of removing them from any X Type he works on. The tight space between the engine and the firewall means the area gets hot. With a cap on it, preventing air circulation, it gets even hotter.

Are you transitioning to another Jag?