X Type Air con clutch

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my a/c clutch is not operating all the time, and sometimes it will kick in while we are driving and run great, other times no response… there is it appears plenty of 134 A in there, but when it is stationary the clutch does not seem to be working…the fuse is good and the relay is also…but the relay seems inoperative right now… my wife is getting quite hot …LOL…not in a good waaaay !

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You do not provide a MODEL YEAR but here is some TSB info for 2003MY.
XT412-S931am2 AC System Inoperative.pdf (36.3 KB)

Also info about the compressor mod.
JTB00183NAS1[1].pdf (142.3 KB)

You might need to reduce the clearance between the clutch plate and pulley by re-shimming the plate on the shaft. You can test this by turning the A/C compressor to ON and then tap the clutch plate on the compressor with a tool of some sort to ‘help’ the plate engage the pulley. (careful, it is a spinning component)

If the plate is attracted to the pulley and engages, then the gap may be too large??


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Hi Bob, many thanks for the reply, I put the car on ramps today and banged as much as I could in the space available… I did not hear the clutch engage, however the air is now blowing other than hot… so perhaps as you suggest the gap may be too wide … can I remove the item without disturbing the sealed air con ? or does it have to all come apart…? Art

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also it is a 2002, 3.0 litre sport model.

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The compressor is in a place on the engine that is not easily accessible.

I have removed/installed just the compressor drive plate with the compressor ‘in-situ’ to adjust the gap with shims.

I have also replaced the drive plate because they sometimes have a habit of divorcing themselves from the compressor. Customers complain about ‘no cool air’ and then I find the drive plate missing. One time I found the plate still lodged in the suspension frame so I just reinstalled it!!

Other times I bought a replacement clutch assy from a compressor rebuilder in Fort Worth TX. I just install the drive plate if that is all that is missing. Make sure you account for the small shims on the compressor drive shaft before you install the drive plate. They are what you might need to use to adjust the gap.

LARGE channel-lock type pliers and a 14mm wrench should get the drive plate off/on.

Make sure there is power to the compressor clutch and make sure the compressor clutch coil is operation!!! (continuity)


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Thx again, I still am puzzled as to why I sometimes get e mail from " Jerry Mouton " as is this one of yours listed as being from… I met Jerry a few years back in Victoria BC, nice man… but I know he died last year on an E Type trip !..
I Took the car out today and the a/c worked for half an hour then petered off… on the way home it came on about half way home… it was 92 outside temp…and did well all the waaaay home ! My son gets home in a few days and he should know how to deal with removal of the clutch unite and check for power etc…see what he says on Monday probably…Best Wishes… Art…in BC.

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Did you read the TSB about the compressor valve causing issues???


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no, how do I find that item Art

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What ITEM??? You swap the valve and spring orientation.
The 'O’ring can be reused if it is not damaged/distorted.
The part number is listed so you can order it from Jaguar if you need it!!!


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is there an exploded schematic of this somewhere available… Merry Christmas. Art…

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Did you read the TSBs???


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sorry I did not see it !