[x-type] bad drive shaft seals?

Hi all,
Has any one else had a problem with leaking drive shaft
seals?? Just noticed some spots on the drive so I took
car to dealer and was told that I need new seals. Seems
awfully soon (4.5 yrs & 55,000 miles) to need new

pbates 2002X-type w/ 55k miles–
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In reply to a message from pbates sent Tue 20 Jun 2006:

I have noticed that my 2003 X type has a slight oil leak around the
drive shaft on the passenger�s side at the front. To be honest
every car I have had which is more than
3-4 year old has developed similar leaks (even Japanese ones).
Clearly the need to renew the seals depends on the severity of the
leak, but in my experience it normally looks worse than it is and
provided the gear box and diff oil levels are checked and topped up
at the normal service intervals, its not usually a problem. In the
past, I have often renewed oil seals my self, only to find that
they start leaking again within a year or two.
Although the oil seals are probably relatively cheap, a fair bit
of labour can be involved, making it an expensive exercise.
It may be worth getting a second opinion.–
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Has any one else had a problem with leaking drive shaft

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