[x-type] How to close side mirrors?

Hi, can anyone help me out? I have recently purchased a second hand
X type (2002) - I read the manual and am aware that there should be
a button on the driver’s side that would when pressed close the
side power mirror. However, I have no such button in my car! Did
anyone have this problem? And if yes, did you manage to close them

Thank you–
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In reply to a message from mjpsaila sent Wed 7 Oct 2009:

Power folding mirrors were an option, and not standard fitting back
then. The non-power ones will fold, but if left unfolded for years
they may become very stiff - I have tried to fold my passenger
mirror (2001 car) but I dare not apply any more force for fear of
breaking something, and it won’t go. My driver’s side does fold
but it needs a hard push on the outer corner to get it started.

I think I’ve seen somewhere that lifting and pushing at the same
time may help, but I wouldn’t recommend it.–
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