[x-type] Play DVD's via the Sat-Nav system?

Without trying it and screwing the system, does anyone know if
it’s possible to play DVD’s utilising the Sat-Nav equipment, seems
a shame not to be able to multi-use the kit!

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In reply to a message from Day Dreamer sent Sun 8 Feb 2004:

At risk of being censored…NO! the DVD NAV system is only
geared for the NAV DVD…Having said that, I don’t think
you’ll hurt anything except maybe corrupt the NAV system
preset programs you’ve already put in and maybe the rest of
the program…You’ll probably have to do a reprogram from
scratch otherwise. So if you have the single CD player,
stick with it, or upgrade to the Six pack CD changer…Good

PS; How’s that John? Not one damn explicative!–
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