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That is my point exactly, Peter. My experience with ownership of 26 Jaguars
(which includes Mark 2, Series III both pre-and Post Ford ownership), XJ40,
X300, X-Type, and X350 -an ownership of BMW and Mercedes too has shown me
that Jaguars in the real world are as good as or better than their
competition; real-life quality surveys support this experience. Yet
uninformed and frankly-biased writers continue to suggest that the German
cars (especially) are superior; combine this with utterly useless (where it
exists) advertising from Jaguar and the “everyone knows” myth and it is
obvious why there is an uphill struggle to get people into the Jaguar
showrooms, especially here in North America. Here is a REAL example: last
year at a Jaguar concours event here in Canada I had a typical conversation
with a person who had been salivating over my Jaguar. She commented that she
would love to have one but she had “heard that they were quite a problem to
own”. “Ah” said I, “have you heard that from anyone who actually OWNS one?”
"Silence…then “Uh, no, I guess I haven’t.” Case dismissed.
A brief conversation with Frank-my-mechanic (as his street sign says, he
services “High End European Cars”) would quickly dispel any notion that the
German cars are superior.

Victoria, Canada
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1992 Series III V12 Vanden Plas (#92 of the last 100)
2002 X-Type
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Presumably you get the JD Powers surveys there Gregory? I think
Jaguar have been steadily climbing the ranking even as some of the
mighty Germans have fallen down the batting order due to build-
quality problems. This has happened to the point where they are
even ahead of several Japanese marques I believe?