X-Type Station Wagon (BION)

Was sitting in my local laundromat today when a fella came in and announced, “man, the clientele in this place must have gone up a notch - we have two classic Jaguars in the parking lot”. He was apparently referring to Superblue, my '94 XJS coupe, and wondering who in the place owned it.

I went up to the gent and told him that was my XJS … Turns out he was driving a black, 2004 or so X-type STATIONWAGON. I was not even aware Jag made a station wagon (other than the “Eventer”, based on the XJS platform back in the '80s ?). :open_mouth: We talked shop some, and I went outside to check it out. Very interesting car. He said it has a transverse 6-cylinder engine in it (3.0 liter) and 4-wheel drive. Only about 130K miles on it, too. Said he saw it on the website of a local used dealer, and just had to have it. :drooling_face: I was stunned that, despite its condition and rarity, he was able to get it for only around $4K. However, he soon learned it had some mechanical issues, and ended up paying $5K for the work (some of which he claimed were bogus charges). Apparently the “evap” codes kept coming up on the OBD II, and it took three different garages to find out the correct source of same. :angry: In the interim he said he had a hard time getting fuel to go into her tank - the handle would shut off after just a very small amount had been dispensed. :crazy_face:

I meant to snap a few pics of it to share on here before he left, but his laundry finished up ahead of mine and off he went before I got the chance.

Some times thats just a case of turning the pump handle 90 deg and it flows better.
I have the 3.0 ‘X’ type AWD (not 4WD they are off-road capable vehicles, just to be pedantic :innocent:)
The engine is based on the ford Duratect engine but it is ‘Jaguarised’