X-Type Transfer Case Interchange

Hey everyone. I just scored an X-Type with transfer case issues. Anyone know if Land Rover Evoque or Discovery TCs can be swapped in whole, or if their gearsets can be swapped?

I’ve got several LRs (LR2, Freelander, etc) to pick from at the local scrapyard…Since I know I’ll be pulling my TC for inspection anyway…why not grab some that might share parts from the same bin?

Sorry not to reply sooner. I don’t think you will find any other manufacturer’s transfer cases that will swap in. The X Type platform was unique. The Mondeo was front wheel drive and side-saddle engine mount. The all wheel drive transfer case was a design by Jaguar. Land Rover only had conventional 4WD layout. The internals are no longer manufactured by Jaguar. When my transfer case went out, my mechanic had to get one from a wreck.

Thanks. I’m on the lookout for one from a wrecking yard. They are all over ebay, but I’m not willing to pay such a high price for one that will suffer the same demise.

Hi! I don’t know what part of the world you are from, but the Pick n Pull yards in the U. S. sell the transfer case for x types for $196.00 if you pull it.

Thanks. I’m eyeballing two sites in Memphis, Tn