[x-type] Transfer Case Leak Fix

(Anthony Hladun) #1

Where does the TC oil go? Here’s one place. I recently was
getting leakage at the outside end of the TC. (What is commonly
assumed to be the seal or oil vent leak.)

I found the following link at the Jaguarforums.com site faq for the
X Type:


(That is a good site with an active X Type forum.)

On this site I found the link titled ‘‘Transfer Case Leak’’. This is
a service bulletin on fixing a leak caused by the nut on the
secondary shaft becoming loose.

Sure enough mine was loose. You can gain access to the nut by
taking off the right front tire and shield behind it. The washer
is a particularly bad design as it slides around behind the nut. I
used high temp silicon seal and Loctite to reset mine. (You should
also change/fill the oil in the TC using my previously posted

I’ll have to see how the fix works–
Anthony Hladun
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(kassaq) #2

After I noticed a few drips under my car a couple weeks ago, I could see a drop or two of transfer case oil on the right side at the bottom of the case. I could see that there was a smidge of oil residue at the output shaft seal area for the right driveshaft. I suspected that seal was the source of the leak. After going through the trouble of replacing that seal, I could see that it was unlikely the cause. Looking more closely, I could see that the secondary shaft nut area was the apparent source of the leak. I did an internet search and found this original post. The referenced Jag tech bulletin allayed my fear that I could take the nut off without damage to the case. After taking the nut off, I could see that stat-o-seal washer was slightly loose, and had migrated. After cleaning things up and putting some sealer on the washer and retightening the nut, I am hopeful that I will have no more leak. MANY THANKS to Anthony for the original post on this topic!!