X - Type Wheels

I’m looking for a set of 17" rims for my X Type Wagon. Spring is here and I need to put some summer boots on. I’m in the Calgary area and would like to find some in the lower mainland or south Alberta. I have always tried to keep radial tires mounted on rims as I’ve been told it is undesirable to keep swapping them on and off.

Hi Grahame, this should be in the classified section.

Actually the best place for someone chasing an item for their X type actually is in the X Type section.
An inquiry chasing a part for a car is not technically an add ie somthing for sale.
So in my opinion its in the right place as this is where the X type owners go.
Terry owner 2 X type wagons

Thanks. Still looking. The rarity of the car is working against me.

The wheels for the X-type are the same as a Ford Focus or similar. I have two X-types, and have a summer and winter set of mounted wheels/tires for both cars. After all these years, the original X-type wheels on a couple sets have corrosion that caused multiple wheels to lose air. I found some Ford wheels that have the same centre hole and bolt pattern. They are considerably cheaper than Jaguar wheels.

If you have the Ford Mondeo in your neck of the woods then they may be the same stud pattern.

I have looked at Ford wheels, but, while the pitch and offset may be correct the center bore isn’t. A friend did a computer search, using the Jag numbers and concluded that these rims are unique. Ford wheels would mean taking them to a wheel shop and getting them skimmed. For now, I’ll continue searching while I demount the winters and mount the summer tires on the Jag rims. The crunch will be in the fall, when I’ll be looking to mount the winters on their own rims.

Are they 17"? Do you have a part number?

I believe that the Ford wheels that I have for my X-types (two sets of them) are both 16". I just switched over to my summer wheels/tires today. I don’t know why your friend’s computer says the centre hole is unique on X-type wheels, but I’ll tell my Ford wheels to stop fitting so correctly the next time I use them.

I don’t care what you tell your wheels; it’s the 17" rims that are so hard to source. I’m not going to throw out perfectly good 17" tires to accommodate 16" rims.

The Ford Focus came with the 17" wheel option, but likely not common. I got my wheels off Craigslist. I just found a 17" steel wheel set with the same bolt pattern on our local Face Book marketplace. I have a query note sent to the poster, asking if they are Ford wheels, so I can plan to drive over and check for actual fitment to my hubs.

Got summer tires for the car yesterday. Still looking for a spare set to mount the winters on. Car should be happy with the new shoes. Will give it a bath today and make it even happier. Happy car; happy driver.

16 inch rims ride better however in my experience…!!

These the 17 inch wheels my 2008 estate came with. I am looking for 16 inch wheels because I would prefer a slightly softer ride over rough roads. ! assume the overall diameter are very close. It would be nice to find tge maximum aspect ratio for a 17” tire that ciukd fit without foulingZ

Nice looking estate. My experience when looking for wheels (17" mind you) was that I could find wheels with the right pitch and offset but not the right center bore size. The X Type rims seemed to be unique to the X Type. I’m still looking for a set to mount my winter tires in the fall.

I think the X-Type (maybe the S-Type?) was just the first one to use the new bolt format that was subsequently used on all jags instead of the classic 5.75" PCD?

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