[x-type] X Ttpe Aircon

I have read with interest, various peoples comments on using the
air coditioning during demist.
A my car has climate control I, have no choice but to have the AC
on when demisting and it works very well providing the engine is
My problem occurs when leaving the car outside overnight after
using the demist function the previous day.
If the night is cold (less than 5 degrees), the following morning
I’m left with two areas of condensation on the lower windscreen,
above the demist vents.
On starting the car and selecting demist, the whole windscreen
mists up and sometimes the rest of the car as well, including the
door handles and any other metal parts.
Once the car is warm the misting disappears.
Last year I took the car to the local dealer and
they ‘‘investigated’’ the problem. They said they couldnt reproduce
the fault, however it miraculously dissapeared only to re-appear
this week when the weather got colder at night.
Has anyone else had this problem, or know of a cure?
If so I would appreciate an e-mail to @Tony_Rigby
X-Type Indianapolis 3.0
Knebworth, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
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In reply to a message from Tony Rigby sent Thu 11 Nov 2004:

Sounds as if you have water collecting in the fresh air intake area
or (more likely) the pollen filter, so you get really damp air
straight into the car when you first start it up. I’ve heard of
Jags where the pollen filter gets soaking wet (blocked drainage
channels) and starts to smell, but don’t know if this applies to X-
types. It would account for your symptoms though.

I believe that the aircon will not operate when the external
temperature approaches freezing, to prevent damage from icing up,
so this may make it worse on a cold day. My car was useless at
demisting when I first had it because the external temperature
sensor was reading far too low and inhibiting the aircon; a new
sensor fixed it instantly.–
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