[x-type] X-Type air filter

Hi guys, I seem recal someone wrote about alternative air filters.
What were they? and do they really make any differance to
j g
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There is a K&N air filter for the X-Type. I have installed this on
my 2003 3.0 sport 5 spd. Response seems a little faster with this
filter. I have used K&N on several vehicles and found a modest, but
noticable performance improvement. Where the filter will really
help is if it is done along with a high performance exhaust system.
Looking forward to doing this to the X-type next.

George B X-type 3.0 litre Sport
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I’ve used K&N for years until I started doing more research. Their
flow characteristics are unquestionably good. However, if you
research their filtration capability you MAY give it more thought
before you install it on a street vehicle. I’ll never install a
K&N filter again unless it’s a purely recreational vehicle.–
Calgary, Canada
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I’m not convinced they make much of a difference compared to the
cost of letting more contaminates/particles into the combustion
chambers of your auto.

One of the reasons for my belief is a couple of years back a few of
us in our local Miata (MX-5) Club rented a chassis dyno for a day.
We took turns taking dyno runs to get an accurate measurement of
real horsepower/torque to the wheels. One fellow between his runs
took his stock filter OUT of his car completely and then did a few
more runs. Guess what? There was NO difference in measured
horsepower or torque between the runs with the stock air filter vs.
NO FILTER. Those of us with K&N filters also showed no difference
vs. cars with stock filters.

My conclusion: If the car’s intake system is designed correctly
from the factory there is not a noticeable scientific difference.
Therefore why take the risk of putting on a filter that does not
filter the air as thoroughly?–
Calgary, Canada
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