X300 1996 XJ6 VDP shocks

Ive been told by my local Jaguar specialist that the car is floating and the shocks need to be replaced for about 2000 $. Im looking at prices. Which shocks should I be looking at? KYB or Bilstein? What is auto levelling and how is it relevant to the type of shocks? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Auto levelling is where the car adjusts the height of the rear suspension to take into account any passengers that you are carrying.
If your car has that feature then you are probably limited to what shocks you can use.

Thank you. Do you or anybody on this forum know if that was included in this model, please?

I don’t think the X300 had them looking at other posts on here, they were on the previous (XJ40) model.

IIRC, SLS was abandoned for the X308 as warranty claims on the XJ40 werre unacceptably high for Ford’s accountants.