[x300] 1998 XJR belt upgrades

Hey all,

About to do the ‘‘drive belt update’’ on a 1998 XJR. Here are
the part numbers I have for everything. Just want to see if
anyone here can confirm, and that I’m not missing anything:

(1) 7PK-2325 Multi rib belt (for accessories)

(1) C2C 37055 Supercharger belt (double sided)

(1) NCA 7739AE Acc. Belt tensioner assy

(1) C2C 37056 Acc. Belt tensioner bracket

(1) C2C 37057 Acc. Belt tensioner

(1) C2S 46862 Acc. Belt idler pulley

(1) C2C 22758 Acc. Belt idler pulley

So if I’ve got everything right, we should have two
tensioners, one updated bracket, two belts (one updated
type) and two idler pulleys. Anything I’m missing? This is
to replace all components for the supercharger and accessory
drive belts to quiet down the cold morning squeak.

Thanks all!–
'69 XKE s/n 1R26612, '85 XJ6 s/n 426288
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Resurrecting an old topic………….

I also have the early morning squealing supercharger belt (1998 4.0l V8). The belt on the car is NCC7740BA ribbed on one side only. Can I swap this for the double sided ribbed C2C 37055 and keep the old tensioner and idler or is replacement of the idler and tensioner essential as well?

I want to make the swap because I read that the double side ribbed belt doesn’t produce the squeal.