[x300] 98 XJ8 Electrical gremlin

As an owner of 4 Jags (XK140, MK2, Series 3 XJ6 and now a 98 XJ8) I
guess you could say I am a sucker for punishment. I restored the
140 and MK 2 from the ground up and perform all maintenance and
repairs. Keeping the 3 older cars on the road has been fairly
straight forward even to the point of fixing the Series 3 EFI from
time to time. None have visited a shop in a combined 200,000 miles
of magic motoring.
I�ve owned the XJ8 for almost a year now. People like to tell me
that it�s not a real Jag but I am totally in love with the car. It
may not be real but it�s the closest thing available today to a
real Jaguar sedan. Ford has done well to keep the flavor and I
think Sir William would approve.
Maintaining this modern car, especially diagnosing the multiplexed
wiring system is a daunting prospect but I can�t bring myself to
trust it to other hands. Websites like this are the only way people
like me have a hope of keeping on top of this car. Are there
sufficient differences between the X300 and X308 and enough owners
like me to justify our own forum page? I have been able to scrounge
a CD copy of the service manual including the electrical guides but
remain ignorant of how to access problem codes. Can anybody educate
me on how to do this? The factory warranty ran out last month so
now I�m on my own.
The first real problem I�ve come up against may be typical of the
sort of electrical gremlins I can expect. This fault began after I
replaced the driver�s side door latch control cable. Since then the
drivers window will not operate unless the battery is disconnected
then reconnected. The window will then work perfectly until the car
is let sit overnight, then the problem returns. The sunroof also
malfunctions whenever the window malfunctions so it would appear
these faults are related in some way. The sunroof opens on command
but immediately closes after fully opening. Like the window,
correct functionality returns after battery disconnect/connect. All
other windows and systems seem to operate correctly.
Any advice on these issues would be greatly appreciated.–
EZ Brit
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In reply to a message from EZ Brit sent Sun 9 May 2004:

Hello EZ, like you I have more than one Jag. I just recently
purchased a 1998 XJ8. My other punishing car is a 1982 XJ6 with a
great engine and a body that looks like a wreck. But like you, I’m
proud to say that the 1982 has not been in the shop for anything,
except for a muffler repair. I like the straight six block and the
simplicity of the components. I bought an S57 electrical manual for
the XJ6 and it has proved to be invaluable in tracing electrical
faults. And believe, there are a lot of them in these older Jags.
At the present time, both front windows motors are dead. I also
need a speedotransducer. And a few oil leaks to take care of.

The 1998 XJ8 is quite a machine and I love the power and smoothness
of the V8. And I’m trying to brace myself for when something goes
wrong. I have ordered a parts list off Ebay to help out. No service
CD yet; where did you get yours? I’m use to tinkering with my cars,
but I’m afraid the XJ8 might be headed to the shop for professional
help when needed. I will still have 1982 XJ6 and also a 1977 T-Bird
to satisfy my tinkering craze.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help with your window woes. This car is just
too new to me and I have a lot to learn.

Maybe with the help of the X300 list, we can tame the XJ8. This is
all new engineering to me. for one thing, they covered up the
engine with plastic panels. I can’t see the spark plugs. Happy
Earnest: 1998 XJ8 - 1982 XJ6
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