X300 absolutely dead

Having issues with lack of starting other than by cables, usually 3 days of no use. Now no power whatsoever after 3 very cold and snowy weather to open boot where battery is, back keyhole, in name tag, not working. How do i open boot and what is causing car to not start other than by cables every 3 or so days?

what is causing car to not start other than by cables every 3 or so days?
You have a dead battery. These cars should last a good few weeks without use. Having said that, I have one of those solar panels hooked up to the OBD port so that the car’s being trickle-charged when not in use.

On that note, get yourself one of those cables with OBD at one end and croc-clips at the other. Plug that in to the OBD port, connect the clips to a good 12V source - your jump-box will do (you have a jump-box, right?) - and hit the button to open the boot. Do NOT try to start the car via this route!!

If that fails, you’re going to have to start drilling into the rear plinth behind the license plate to get access to the lock actuator. The whole procedure is written-up in this forum and elsewhere.

How old is your battery?

I agree. Get your battery load tested first. Are there not points under the hood that you can connect booster cables to?

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Yes there are! Check the Archives.

Or trail an umbilical out from the boot you can connect a charger or booster to.

Would that be the battery that’s in the boot/trunk? The boot/trunk that the OP can’t get to open? :wink:

Try the operators handbook. From my memory there is one or more positive points under the hood that you can clip a booster cable to. The ground points are many. :grin:

Herein is a perfect illustration of the folly of posting without one’s glasses on. I read “hood” as “boot”!