[x300] Acceleration stumble has been fixed!

After checking all of the spark plugs, coil packs and fuel
filter my head was beginning to bald from the constant
scratching. If I put my foot down from stand-still I got
little power, a stumble and slow pick-up up until about
3000rpm. I was determined to get to the bottom of this and
popped the bonnet to investigate further. Before I committed
myself to the specialists ramp, code reader and bill with
added miscellaneous items, I checked all of the wiring and
by chance tweeked the throttle cable and as my wrist wrested
on the hose the comes from the air flow meter and filter
box, low and behold, the engine stalled. As I looked down
there was a dirty great split in the hose and with a smile
(at not having to foot any enourmous bills) I called up my
jag dealers whom ordered me a new hose for the very
reasonable price of �12 + vat.

The moral of the story is look, look and look again.–
There goes my back end…
Leicester, United Kingdom
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