[x300] Aftermarket Stereo/Phone Install


I have just purchased a X308 (late '97) XJR from NM Jags. Have to say it was
a very pleasant buying experience, but let’s wait until I take delivery of the
vehicle before I commit myself :wink:

I am wondering, since I have a ton of stereo kit, how easy it is to fit
aftermarket stereo gear to the car. I don’t find the Harmon Kardon all that
great sounding - which was a surprise.

I have a DIN headunit (empeg MP3 player) that requires amplification to work.
Has anyone had any luck at installing a DIN HU plus amplifiers, etc? If so
I’d really appreciate some advice on how to proceed, including where to locate
certain items, harness adaptors, etc.

Finally, I’d like to install a Parrot Bluetooth phone kit. Does anyone have
any advice on the installation of one of these, and again harness adaptor

Any help offered would be much appreciated and hopefully I will be able to
reciprocate in kind at some point :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Mark Kaye–
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Do Not let an installer who has not installed in a Jag do yours.
More times than not they will screw it up. Speaking for a person
who has had ample damage done by an otherwise professional who
thought he could do it. You are right that the factory sound
leaves a lot to be desired! You can do it yourself but it will
take a lot of time. Jag builds these things so you can’t easily
take them apart. Or at the very least reassemble them without a
lot of work. It can be done. also make sure your head unit has a
dash kit that will work. it will be almost impossible to find a
stock factory dash kit but you can find one that will work if you
look a bit. it can be done, but look out. you often have to take
a lot apart if you need to install any wiring. watch the carpet.
watch the kick plates (easy to screw them up), etc, etc… good
washington, United States
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I have a '98 XJ8L with a 100% new stereo system, which I installed
myself. While it may be a bit of work, don’t let anybody scare you
about doing this. The local dealer tried, but common sense told me
other wise. I have a 4-page installation MS Word document that I’ve
already sent out to a large number of people here on this forum,
upon their request. If you would like a copy, please send me a
request via email. You can also find pix of my installation at the

The installation includes a trunk/boot mounted 400wrms top of the
line subwoofer. Great, powerful and well balanced sound system.
Let me know.
'94 XJS 4.0L - '98 XJ8L
Redondo Beach, California, United States
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