X300 alarm issues

(Mr Gary Billing) #1

It appears the alarm system on my uk spec 300 sport is not working, when i lock and arm the system via the key fob and then dead lock the doors the red flashing indicator led on the clock module starts to flash indicating it is working , but here is the issue if i attempt to trigger the alarm with interior intrusion sensors nothing happens, nothing at all.
when i arm the system there is no audible sound from the alarm sounder either. The alarm module is connected in the nsr wing and the sounder is present and connected, as are the intrusion sensors also. When i lock and arm the system the indictors flash once as is the norm as per the drivers hand book. So boys and girl what are your opinions ,i ask this question as i recently had an attempted theft from outside my house so i am a little concerned. thanks in advance for any information received