[x300] At Last

Hello all,

At last I seem to be able to get post through. Thanks to all who responded
to me off-site.

Re: X308 and X350. I think familiarity can breed contempt. I own an X308 and
I was a little disappointed when someone said it looks old fashioned, but I
can understand their position. Up until last year I drove an XJ40 Daimler
Sovereign I thought it was the “Bees Knees” and enjoyed looking back at it
as I walked away. One year hence I am now driving an X308, when I walk upto
it I get that “tingling warm” feeling and am in raptures when I sit in the
cabin, ( Mission Control ).

I now look at XJ40s in a new light and think “how old fashioned” and “good
God did I really drive something that ancient” Now when I look at the
interior of the X300 I think the same. When I was looking for a X3xx my
first thoughts were that I did not like the interior of the X308 as all
those curves on the dash and door cappings did not look “Jaguar” enough. I
suppose that I was being typically conservative and reluctant to change and
move on.

I am beginning to see a few X350s around and to be honest they SHOUT Jaguar,
they are immediately recognisable, even 3 year old boys will recongnise it
as a Jaguar, it seems to an organic development in shape and a worthy
successor to the XJ class.

“…it looks like an over-grown X-Type” I have heard. Now come on, I wonder
what was on the drawing board first, I am sure it was the XJ and when the
X-Type designers saw it they said in unison “WOW that’s gorgeous we will
just scale it down to make the X-Type” because stylistically it really is
the X-Type that looks out of proportion. You can just imagine them with
their CAD programmes getting a picture of the X350 clicking on the bottom
corner and dragging it inwards and saying “…well that’s good enough for me,
now lets get down t’pub”

I now think my X308 looks a little dated and yearn for an X350 but my
discontent soon goes away when friends who drive their dark, grey,
miserable BMs and MBs get into my Jag. They nearly all say how fantastic,
beautiful and bright the interior is, and especially the BM guys say that
they would die for a dash that looks like that. It comments like this that
make me realise that though my car is 4+ years old now it is still up there
with the best. I suppose I will only look down on it when I change it when
the X350s are two years old which is the age I usually buy at. I could not
afford let alone justify the depreciation on a new car.

James F. Lyons
98 V8 3.2
Manchester UK