[x300] CD-Changer Alpine CHA-S634 + Adapter KCA-130B = will it work?


I do have the fine Alpine CHM-S620 (or now S630) changer in the
trunk of my 95’ X300 and I’m quite pleased with it. However, new
technology is coming up:

I’ve had a look at the Alpine CHA-S634 Changer which is an AiNet
device, but there is an Adapter available for the M-Bus (mini-bus)
system our cats prefer. So it should work on all cars where the CHM-
S620 works.

The reason I’d like to change to the CHA-S634 is its capability to
play MP3’s! Up to 99 or even 255 titles on one disk. About 60 hours
of music - instead of 6!

The only concern I have: The boys at the Alpine shop told me, that
the CHA-S634 possibly will not be able to play MP3s if you use the
M-Bus Adapter (KCA-130B, a genuine Alpine device), because the
Jaguar head unit is not capable of controlling it…!

I’ve had a look into the CHA-S634 Owners Manual (download from
Alpine, 440 KB) and there it says, that MP3 will function with the
M-bus system!

Is there anyone who is able to try it out?

P.S.: I’ve seen the Alpine CHA-S634 plus Adapter KCA-130B for less
then EUR 300 in a German Internet shop!______________________________________
XJ6 (X300)'95 3.2l 118.000km [The Cat]
Color: HFB [Brooklands Racing Green]
Trim: SDR [Coffee leather / fabric]

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