[x300] Cigar Light fuse and Relay

Seaching the forums for ‘‘cigar lighter fuses’’, (my cigar lighters
stopped working on my 1997 X300 LWB ) results in few answers but
differing places where to find the items. Even the screen print of
the fuses in the engine bay of the car are wrong.
So in case others go down my track I can attest that for my model
at least, the Cigar Relay is in the RH Heel Board and fuse, #9 20A
is in the LH Heel Board. The JDHTCD wiring diagram for 1997 X300 is
The relay supplies 12 v to both Cigar Lighters.
I had a blown fuse, now replaced and al working fine. Now I can
charge my phone and run my GPS. Yay!–
1997 X300 LWB 3.2
Auckland, New Zealand
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